I am trying to find the inspiration again.

I want to be able to see a castle inside an apple,

look for mermaid´s whispers treasured in seashells,

believe that raindrops are the jewels of heaven

and perceive in the silence the chords of a majestic melody.


I wish I could use different communication tools…

How nice it would be to write letters on autumn leaves,

send an email in a bottle and then throw it into the water,

or let a common linnet sing my voice messages.


If only there were vivid-imagination glasses!

I could imagine I fly far away from here,

beat all the dragons that haunt me

and still be the princess who wears a long gown

waiting for no prince to find her.


Hope isn´t over yet!

I still try to see water lilies as beds for the fairies

and I am practically convinced that spiderwebs were created to catch stardust.


I believe the magic of imagination is somewhere around the corner…

I just need to find the right words, the perfect spell

in order to recover the inspiration again.


Diana Fe ©


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